A crush. The moment of butterflies in your stomach when you hope they’ll say… yes! A furry friend who’s in your lap and greying around the edges. Goosebumps in the nape of your neck. A newborn in your arms. When you turn the doorknob and you’re home. There are so many moments of love in our lives. When’s the last time you slowed yourself down and took it all in?

I offer the following creations of love, gratitude, design inspiration and all of its complexities to give you a moment to pause, reflect, pine… and dream.


Dearest Iris,

     There are moments I must steady myself when your voice passes through me. Weak in the knees and with a heavy heart I can’t focus as thoughts of you carry me to small towns and faraway places. It is a journey I have taken many times and I can’t sit here caged like a timid creature when I want the wild horses inside me to run free.

     You release me with your angelic calls. You unabashedly tether yourself to the here and now; you live in the moment, but there are complex beliefs behind those deep and telling eyes. Your beauty is like a soulful church choir… at times soft and calling while others powerful and nerve shaking.

     I find I must rise and dust myself off. How can I not have you with me on my journey? I thank you for the spirit you awaken and the stories you share. My feelings for you endure like two-lane highways tying distant lovers together. Until I see you again I’ll listen.

Love and luck,